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The founder behind Healthy Offspring is Nicole Hopkins who originates from the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand) but now calls the Sunshine Coast, Australia home. Nicole is huge lover of living an exceptional life and loves the outdoors, adventure, cooking delicious food and learning.

After struggling since a young child with her health, over the last 4 years she has been on a journey to change her health trajectory. Nicole discovered a passion for holistic health and has completed level 1 Reiki and Low Tox training. Nicole is also a Functional Nutrition Consultant which she studied through the Functional Nutrition Academy and has a Masters of Applied Psychology through the University of Canterbury.

Nicole has a huge passion for empowering couples to LOVE their journey towards creating their healthy offspring. Nicole is passionate about educating parents to change the health trajectory of their offspring as it is predicted that today’s young people will be the first generation of children who won’t live as long as their parents because of the rise in childhood obesity, sedentary lifestyles, increased stress and the increased intake of high fat and sugar foods. Autoimmune diseases now affects 1 in 20 Australians and is on the rise.  Exciting recent research has found that parents can have an impact on the future health trajectory of their offspring. Genes do not have the final word on who the parents are or what their offspring will be. They can influence their offspring’s health trajectory by influencing the delicate interplay of environment and parental genes. This interplay determines which genes will be expressed and then passed onto their offspring.

Please enjoy all the information on the site and get in touch if you would like one on one coaching or further information.

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